Brawling Brazen Blaze Open Beta Slated for Feb 2024

In September, Japanese developer My Dearest Inc. announced its latest VR project, Brazen Blaze. A multiplayer fighting game, the studio held a closed Alpha test this month for early adopters on its Discord server. If you didn’t get a chance to try it the first time, My Dearest Inc. is planning a Brazen Blaze open beta for early next year.

Currently, the open beta is slated for February 2024. The studio notes there will be “tons of additions from the Alpha” which will include two new characters. Several stats have also been released from the Alpha, such as 3,984 rounds being played over 12 hours, culminating in 5,139 kills. There were three characters available in the Alpha, the most popular being Riot picked first 41 percent of the time. Legacy was the least popular, being picked 21 percent of the time.

Brazen Blaze image2

A Brazen Brawler

In Brazen Blaze, two teams of three go head-to-head in a fight to the death. The aim is to unleash all-out carnage, utilising both the environment and each character’s special abilities. At present, all the locations are urban settings, allowing players to scale buildings and leap between them for offensive and defensive strategies.

As you might expect, this is all made possible because the characters are all superhuman, with cybernetic enhancements. Whilst guns do feature, melee combat is a critical component in Brazen Blaze. You can’t kill an opponent at range, you have to get in close to stun them by inflicting significant damage. It’s only at this point that the killer punch can be unleashed.

In development for Meta Quest headsets with plans for a PCVR edition, My Dearest Inc. is aiming for a Spring 2024 launch.

Will you be taking part in the Brazen Blaze open beta? Or did you take part in the Alpha? Let us know in the comments below.