Dungeons of Eternity Roadmap Revealed

In October developer Otherworld released its RPG roguelike Dungeons of Eternity, quickly becoming popular with players. Now the studio has given us an idea of what’s to come, with a Dungeons of Eternity roadmap for the following year.

As you can see below, there’s quite an extensive list of content planned. To begin with, next month is set to feature a new monster type, more chambers to explore, and more weapon cosmetics and styles. Furthermore, it’ll have some surprise community gifts for the festive season.

Dungeons of Eternity Roadmap

Dungeons of Eternity Roadmap

Into the new year, there are going to be more new monsters appearing, more traps and puzzles, difficulty options and a new Quest mode. Some of the additions that stand out the most include an achievements system as well as an offline mode. So there’s a huge amount to look forward to. Although the inclusion of an ‘Arachnophobia Mode’ sounds both exciting and terrifying in equal measure! Who doesn’t love a dungeon full of spiders?

Offering a single-player or co-op multiplayer for up to three people, Dungeons of Eternity is all about surviving and endless array of enemy-filled dungeons. A VR fantasy hack and slash, fight with swords, unleash magical abilities or keep your distance with the bow. Each dungeon run is procedurally generated and so are the weapons, making each adventure different. Rooms can contain combat arenas, puzzles, traps, secret chambers, and more.

This being a roguelike, you can tailor your playstyle accordingly. With plenty of character customization options, swap your loadouts and upgrade your kit to ensure evermore successful adventures.

Dungeons of Eternity is available now for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro on the Quest Store.

Have you tried the game yet? What are your thoughts on the roadmap? Let us know in the comments below.