Steam VR Fest to Return in December

During the course of 2023, there have been three Steam Next Fest’s. These are week-long events where you can demo new and upcoming titles, giving developers a chance to showcase and promote their projects. When it came to VR studios they also took part but in far smaller numbers. However, in December we get our own dedicated Steam VR Fest to enjoy.

Currently, registrations are open for VR developers to take part in the digital festival. Although most eligible titles will likely have been sent an email to register. For gamers, the event will comprise both demos and discounts depending on what devs want to offer. It is quite common for them to provide both for maximum reach on the store.

As Steam notes: “A discount is not required to participate in Steam VR Fest, though the Steam VR Fest page will most prominently feature discounted games.”

Steam VR logo

A festival of VR goodness

The Steam VR Fest runs from 4th December to 11th December 2023. While the last Steam Next Fest featured just over 20 titles, we’d expect the VR Fest to be far more laden with deals. In the past discounts have tended to range from 10 percent all the way up to 90 percent in some instances. It’s always a great time to pick up a decent deal on a game you’ve been eyeing up.

However, don’t expect many (if any) of the biggest late 2023 releases to be included. This Winter sees the likes of Arizona Sunshine 2, Stranger Things VR, Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut, and Crossfire: Sierra Squad arrive. You can see all the new VR games for November here. Hopefully, we’ll still see some discounts from titles released earlier this year.

Let’s not forget the platform is also celebrating the rollout of SteamVR 2.0.

Which VR games are you hoping to pick up during the discount event? Let us know in the comments.