Steam Next Fest Features 20+ VR Demos

The Steam Next Fest has once again returned to fill our week full of exciting PC demos. There are hundreds to choose from but where virtual reality fans are concerned, a much more manageable selection is available. This time around, the Steam Next Fest is offering over 20 VR demos for the next week.

Running until 16th October 2023, the Steam Next Fest includes a selection of indie titles as well as some better-known IPs. The likes of Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom Complete Edition you’ve probably already heard of, maybe even Bootstrap Island. But how about Liminal Phase, Block Buster or Boss Fighters? This is what’s great about the event, smaller games being given the time to shine.

Bootstrap Island screenshot
Bootstrap Island

Below you’ll find all the Steam Next Fest VR demos XR Source could find. These may also vary by region so if you find any not on the list do let us know.

Next Fest VR Demos

Are you going to play all the Steam Next Fest VR demos? Let us know in the comments below.

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