Tactical Shooter Vail Hits Meta Quest’s App Lab

If you’re looking for a tactical shooter on Meta Quest then you’re spoilt for choice. Onward, Alvo, Breachers and Pavlov Shack are just some of the titles on offer. The latest to join that list is Steam Early Access game Vail VR. Now simply called Vail, the FPS hits App Lab this week.

Released almost a year ago on Steam, Vail is a competitive multiplayer shooter featuring two teams of five. Developed by AEXLAB specifically for VR headsets, Vail has been designed to be immersive and fair. On the immersion side physics plays a key role. Therefore, you can bounce grenades around corners or throw mags to your teammates. Traverse the environment by climbing obstacles or ziplining out of danger.

With the launch of Vail on App Lab for Quest, the game now supports cross-play between both platforms and you can even connect your accounts to share cosmetics. In the future, you’ll also be able to share progress, friends, and stats between accounts.

Vail screenshot

Vail Hits App Lab

Additionally, the whole game has been updated with new and improved content. Steam players will welcome the return of the knife. “Right now the knife supports stabbing and slashing, and in future updates, we will improve the throwing to make that a viable option,” says AEXLAB. “It’s a 1-hit kill to the back and head, and 2-hits to the chest. Also, simply holding the knife gives you a small speed boost.”

Other additions include a new tablet main menu to help players choose and modify loadouts, settings, and other options. There have been visual improvements to The Shuttle, a new map voting level that players will visit at the end of every round. Plus, the armoury now has a nice new weapon dispenser.

Vail is available on Quest App Lab now, supporting Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Are you going to play Vail? Which do you think are the best VR shooters out there? Let us know in the comments.