Pavlov Shack is Leaving Meta Quest App Lab Soon

Vankrupt Games’ tactical multiplayer Pavlov has always been a popular shooter among VR fans. In 2021, looking to foster the growing Quest player base the studio released Pavlov Shack, an early access title via App Lab. During the following years, there’s always been mention of an official launch but nothing has appeared. That’s all all set to change next month with the game receiving a November date.

Pavlov Shack is a team-based multiplayer VR shooter built around realistic warfare. Across a range of modes, players have access to an arsenal of weapons, all of which feature realistic handling and attachments. Modes include 5v5 Search and Destroy battles and an asymmetrical 1 vs. 9 mode where players have to neutralise a monster. There’s even a casual murder mystery mode with various player roles to assume.

Pavlov Shack screenshot

Pavlov Shack Upgrade

For its official Quest Store launch next month, Vankrupt Games will be slightly improving the title. As previously announced for Meta Quest 3, it will run at 90Hz instead of 72Hz, making for a smoother experience. Quest 1 support is also being dropped, like many other games.

Leaving early access on App Lab will also come with another benefit, greater visibility. App Lab games aren’t always the easiest to find, so an official store launch means more Quest players will see the game and buy it. In turn, that should help populate multiplayer matches with more players. That being said, Pavlov Shack is a fairly well-known FPS, making our Best VR Shooters list earlier this year.

Pavlov Shack will hit the Quest Store on 14th November 2023. It’ll retail for £14.99 GBP/$20 USD. However, there’s a pre-order discount of 26% available until that date.

Are you already a Pavlov fan? Looking forward to its official launch next month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.