Make We Are One’s Time-Looping Gameplay Your Own With Its New Level Editor

Where possible, one of the best features developers use to create longevity in a game is with a level editor. The likes of Vertigo 2 and Synth Riders have their own editors and now so does We Are One. Developer Flat Head Studio and publisher Fast Travel Games have released the level editor as a free update for We Are One.

Available for both the Meta Quest and SteamVR versions, the new creator means you can build your very own challenging levels. You have the full suite of We Are One objects to place and organise alongside multiple customisation settings.

To start you off, the in-game cross-platform tool has a replayable and skippable tutorial to quickly learn the basics. After that, you can either build your own or download levels that other community members have created. However, to upload a level you’ll first have to beat it – to show that it’s possible – before everyone else tries to complete it.

We Are One Level Editor

We Are One Level Editor

In addition to all of that, the We Are One level editor also features the ability to tailor challenges. “You have the power to decide the puzzles you want to create, the enemies you want to combat, and the duration of your level,” the studio notes.

We Are One launched during the summer after releasing a well-received demo. A strategic VR puzzle shooter, using time loops you create clones of yourself to shoot enemies. Packed with more than 50 levels, the challenges become ever more elaborate as you try to perfectly time each consecutive loop. “When it comes to time loop puzzle mechanics We Are One does an excellent job,” said XR Source’s review.

We Are One is currently available for Meta Quest with a huge 30 percent saving. Have you tried the time-bending puzzler yet? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.