We Are One Brings Us Together on Meta Store & Steam

Fast Travel Games and developer Flat Head Studio have today launched We Are One on the Meta Quest Store and Steam. Previously available via App Lab, We Are One is one of the few titles that has managed to successfully make the leap from App Lab to the main store for Meta Quest devices.

Billed as a ‘strategic VR puzzle shooter’, the game sees players use time loops to create clones of themselves to stop ruthless machines from destroying the environment. The game features more than 50 levels, each teeming with mechanical enemies hellbent on environmental destruction. Each action performed in a time loop is replicated by a clone in the next. This challenges players to cooperate with themselves to defeat the machines. If you’re thinking this sounds like a single-player take on Lemnis Gate, you’re not alone.

“Watching and interacting with your past selves is a one-of-a-kind sensation that shines in VR,” said Philipp Sigl, Co-founder & Programmer at Flat Head Studio. “The time loop mechanic is integral to building an army of one, but how each level’s sequence of events unfolds depends on what actions each clone performs. You must think several steps ahead and walk in your future self’s shoes to solve the game’s puzzles.”

We Are One screenshot

We Are One Launch Details

As stated above, the game had previously been available via App Lab. Here, it become one of the highest rated titles on the platform. But of course, as any VR fan knows, App Lab is not the best place to attract a wider audience. As such, the jump onto the main Meta Store is a big deal for Flat Head Studio.

Available from today, We Are One is priced at $19.99 USD. The game supports Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro via the Meta Store. The Stream listing states ‘Quest, Index, Rift, limited support for Vive, WMR, Pimax and others’.

Are you planning on becoming one with We Are One today? Let us know in the comments below!