Vertigo 2 Huge ‘Bottomless Update’ Arrives This Week for Free

Vertigo 2 has been very popular with PCVR fans since its launch earlier this year. And while the PSVR 2 edition has been delayed, the Steam version is about to receive a major content update. Called the ‘Bottomless Update’, Zulubo Productions has said this will be the only one for Vertigo 2. Hence it’s packed with goodies fans have been waiting for.

The update for Vertigo 2 will be comprised of three key components, mutators, alternate key characters and a level editor. Indie developer Zach Tsiakalis-Brown says that they are all: “focused on replayability and long term enjoyment” which is why there won’t be another content update.

Vertigo 2 Bottomless Update 2

Vertigo 2’s bottomless content

When you play Vertigo 2 the only character you can select is the main protagonist Sonja. The update will add three additional characters to the roster: Brian, Officer 13 and Nani. Each has their own major unique abilities and attributes that change the experience. For instance, Brian is a ‘Boomer Shooter’ with faster movement and ammo and health pickups. Nani, on the other hand, is a small green alien with magic attacks, telekinesis and levitation.

When it comes to the mutators, these can be mixed and matched to modify gameplay properties. Some make the game harder – like DoubleVision which doubles the amount of regular enemies. Others make Vertigo 2 easier – switch on God Mode for complete immunity to damage. Some mutators like Big Head Mode simply add silly elements.

Bottomless Updates’ biggest addition, by far, is the Level Editor. Tsiakalis-Brown has been talking about this for a while and soon you’ll be able to make your very own levels. You’ll have full control of the in-VR level editor to build whatever you so wish, no SDK or modding experience is required. Or, you can also check out what the rest of the community has created.

The Vertigo 2 Bottomless Update will be released for free on 10th November 2023.