Stride Soft Launches a Multiplayer Party Mode

Joy Way released parkour-inspired VR game Stride back in 2021, bringing it to multiple VR platforms. Releasing numerous updates since then, the latest officially arrives this coming week. However, the studio has already soft-launched the new Stride multiplayer party mode for those eager to play now.

Like any good party game, the new mode for Stride is a collection of mini-games. These will test various skills such as agility, attentiveness, logic, and, of course, parkour. Matches feature a minimum of four players and max out at ten. You win simply by accruing the most points during a match.

Stride Multiplayer Party Mode 1

Stride Multiplayer Party Mode

As this is a soft launch the studio is testing for any issues that may arise. “This means that despite our developers and QA specialists have [sic] been testing the game heavily and fixing the issues they found, we still need much more data to make sure everything works as intended,” says Joy Way on its Discord. “You can already update the game and play the new mode.”

The eleven mini-games in Stride’s multiplayer party mode are:

  1. Tunnel Trouble. Do what you want, but avoid the laser!
  2. Tile PANIC! These tiles are falling down, try not to fall with them.
  3. Glass Bridge. It is very fragile, but leads you to the finish line.
  4. Shooting Club. Who will be the first to shoot the targets?
  5. Tower Rush. Climb to the top of the tower, it offers a great view.
  6. Tile Maze. It’s easy to get lost in this maze.
  7. Log Out. Watch out, those spikes are so prickly.
  8. Leap of Faith. Get to the finish line using moving blocks.
  9. Traffic Light. Traffic rules have never been more serious.
  10. Hack and Run. Remember the STRIDE drones? It’s time to hack them all together.
  11. Color Clash. Paint everything in your own colour!

You can download the part mode update now or wait for the official launch later this week. Stride is available for Meta Quest, PCVR (via Steam) and PlayStation VR.

Additionally, Joy Way is about to release Stride: Fates for Meta Quest 3Quest 2 and Quest Pro on Thursday, 9th November 2023.

Are you a fan of Stride? Will you be partying with friends in the update? Let us know in the comments below.