Crossfire: Sierra Squad Now Supports PSVR 2 & PCVR Crossplay

It’s traditional for August to be fairly quiet when it comes to videogame releases. But there were a couple of big arrivals, one of them being Crossfire: Sierra Squad. Released for PCVR on Steam and PSVR 2, the tactical shooter was met with very mixed reviews upon release. Developer SmileGate Entertainment has been responding to community feedback with updates over the past few weeks. One major new addition has now landed, with Crossfire: Sierra Squad now supporting crossplay between PSVR 2 and Steam.

Unlike games such as Firewall Ultra which are multiplayer-focused, Crossfire: Sierra Squad isn’t. It has a single-player campaign in addition to 50 squad missions and a Horde Mode. These latter two support co-op – two players and four-player, respectively – which is why the addition of crossplay is so important.

Smilegate notes that: “You’ll also have the option to disable crossplay should you choose to.” Plus “You’ll be able to see which platform your party members are playing on.” The only slight caveat is the fact that voicechat will be disabled between platforms.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad screenshot

Refining the Crossfire experience

October has seen not one but two updates arrive for Crossfire: Sierra Squad. The first added quality of life (QoL), multiplayer and tutorial improvements. It also included manual reloading, so players now have to option to choose which they prefer. Most VR shooters tend to opt for manual reloading because of the enhanced sense of immersion and interaction.

The second update added not only crossplay but these features too:

  • Multiplayer Optimization
    • Your controls should feel more responsive (especially with latency issues) on multiplayer as a guest.
  • Improved Weapon Controls
    • You can now use the auxiliary hand to remove the magazine with certain guns.
    • You can now set your grab release delay time (0.1 ~ 0.5 sec). This should help if you’re having trouble holding onto your weapons.
  • Gameplay Improvements
    • You can choose the specific UI elements that you’d like to see on the arcade mode. Please note that the only UI element you can turn on/off on the realism mode is the “navigation” guide arrows.
    • You can now shoot (and blow up!) grenades thrown by allies. This also works with grenades, RPGs and drone missiles from enemies.

Have you been looking forward to crossplay on Crossfire: Sierra Squad? Let us know in the comments below.