Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion Hits Meta Quest Headsets

Drop Dead: The Cabin‘s mixed reality (MR) mode, now known as Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion, brings a zombie invasion right to your living room. The free MR mode is part of Drop Dead: The Cabin, and is available now via the Meta Quest Store for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Early adopters of the Quest 3 are in for some special extras, too.

Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion thrusts players into a heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled scenario. Escalating hordes of zombies and monsters descend from windows and walls into your real-life living space. Your wits and survival instincts will be put to the test as you attempt to fight off the encroaching dead. The Home Invasion add-on sees the terror of zombie hordes smashing down walls into your living room or bedroom. The game aims to turn the conventional zombie invasion into a battle to survive a zombie horde that everyone can join on their Meta Quest headsets. Well, as long as they’re not too afraid.

Drop Dead: The Cabin - Home Invasion MR screenshot

Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion Brings the Zombie Hordes Home

As stated above, the Home Invasion MR add-on is available for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro. However, developer Soul Assembly notes that superior MR features are available on the Quest 3 and the Quest Pro.

“With Quest 3’s robust mixed reality feature, Soul Assembly has the capability to turn your living space into a heart-pounding battleground, with survival as the only option,” comments David Solari, CEO of Soul Assembly. “The Quest 3 really makes Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion come alive, making it not just a game, but a fight for your life.”

Drop Dead: The Cabin on Quest 3 will also have enhanced visuals and improved post-processing. Furthermore, a whole host of performance enhancements, bugs fixes and improvements to Drop Dead: The Cabin will be made through the following new updates:

  • A new “Beginner mode”: New players can experience the game at a slower and more social pace.
  • New reloading options: Players have a choice between the original, arcade reload and pouch reload.
  • Teleport to move: To improve accessibility and help with motion sickness.

Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion is available now, as a free download for Drop Dead: The Cabin owners. Drop Dead: The Cabin is available for $24.99 USD.

Are you a fan of Drop Dead: The Cabin? Have you been eagerly awaiting the new MR mode? Let us know in the comments below!