Drop Dead: The Cabin Update Creeping in this Spring

Soul Assembly has announced that their VR zombie shooter game, Drop Dead: The Cabin, will receive a major update this spring. The update is promising a swathe of new content, including new weapons and difficulty modes.

Drop Dead: The Cabin launched earlier this year. The game uses the classic horror trope of a cabin in the woods, inspired by the original The Evil Dead. Players will find themselves, unsurprisingly, locating a cabin after having become lost in the woods. As the story unfolds, you’ll discover the cabin is owned by a mad scientist. Of course, he’s been experimenting with the occult. All sorts of unholy monstrosities have been released. And now they’re coming for you.

Drop Dead: The Cabin Update screenshot

Drop Dead: The Cabin Update

This first Drop Dead: The Cabin update will introduce a new area called The Mines. Here, players can explore dark, dangerous, deadly tunnels, and the abandoned mining town, now infested with hordes of zombies. Players will also have access to two new weapons, the Uzi and the Rifle, adding more firepower to their zombie-slaying arsenal.
In addition, the update includes new difficulty modes. Are you ready for the highly challenging Nightmare mode? The undead are stronger, faster, and more relentless than ever before. This new difficulty will test the skills of veteran players against even more formidable foes.

Performance improvements and bug fixes are also part of the update.
“We’re excited to bring new content and challenges to Drop Dead: The Cabin players with this update,” said David Solari, Soul Assembly’s CEO. “The Mines is a thrilling new location that opens up more possibilities for the variation in each game, and the new weapons and difficulty modes will offer new ways to experience the game’s intense action and horror.”

The update will be available for free to all owners of the game on Meta Quest 2 and Pico. No specific release date has yet been announced for the update.

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