Alvo Gets into the Halloween Spirit on Meta Quest & PSVR 2

Are you a die-hard Alvo fan who loves Halloween? Well then listen up! Developer OutsideIn Entertainment has announced the release of its latest update. Alongside new gameplay fixes and improvements, the update also includes a limited-time event that runs for the next few weeks.

Players have until 14th November 2023 to collect 100 pieces of dropped candy in matches. To do this, candy is only dropped when you kill a player – AI bots aren’t included – during non-private games. If you manage to complete the event you’ll be awarded a pumpkin character and a new skin for each weapon.

Alvo keyart

Alvo Update 1.4.1 Changelog


  • Halloween event Added: Event Completion reward: Unlock Character and a new skin for each weapon
  • Private Match spectator slot: Players can spectate a private match and roam free. Movement not supported on PlayStation® VR Move controllers.
  • Added mute mic/deafen buttons to your player card in the main menu.
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can play together when crossplay is disabled.


  • UI re-skin: Improved UI throughout whole game, with the option to personalise color scheme.
  • AI names do not start with [Bot] on scoreboards.
  • Daily XP and patch notes panels consider if you are party leader when closing them.
  • Increased clarity of Pit image at map voting.


  • Increased the recoil when not grabbing a gun by 30%. Excludes PlayStation® VR Move controllers.
  • Fixed Grenade throwing distance on PlayStation® VR2.
  • Fixed Sticky Grenade in 3rd person.
  • Fixed weapon switching with trigger.


  • Fixed a scenario on Search and Destroy where the round win was awarded to the wrong team.
  • Search and Destroy match does not instantly end when enemies are dead, gives maximum time of 45s for the attackers to plant.
  • Fixed click sound playing upon loading the Main Menu.
  • Fixed Ability to spam sending player reports.
  • Optimization to improve load times and reduce bundle size.
  • Fixed framerate drops when clicking the mute/deafen button too fast, most noticeable on PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 5.
  • Fixed players unmuting after using the mute mic function.
  • Fixed pointer not updating position when choosing left handed on the tutorial.
  • Fixed friendlist context menu not working on certain maps on private lobbies.
  • Fixed invisible car on House Night (Quest only).
  • Fixed bullets not passing through stairs on Hangar and Monastery.
  • Fixed Industrial crashing on PlayStation® VR.
  • Fixed players falling through the floor when revived under an object.
  • Fixed rotation and position wrong on end of match and re-centering not working as expected.
  • Fixed getting stuck under a table on House.
  • Fixed radar killstreak continuing playing on end of match.

Alvo is currently available for PSVR, PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. A Steam PCVR addition is currently in the works.