All the Games Dropping Quest 1 Support

It is inevitable that as games and hardware age, videogame developers offer less and less support. This can be because time and effort need to be redistributed to newer content or it’s simply not affordable to keep things running. As you may be aware by now, Meta is ending support for the original Quest 1, and therefore so are developers. With this trend starting to build, here are the games dropping Quest 1 support that XR Source knows of.

The Oculus Quest – as it was known in 2019 – really only had a short life, just under 18 months, in fact. As it was superseded by the Meta Quest 2 in late 2020. So it is a testament to all the developers out there that they kept supporting the device for so long.

However, most aren’t freezing support voluntarily. Meta isn’t supporting Quest 1 past the v50 SDK, with v51 already available for Quest 2 owners. As you’ll see from the list below, this issue particularly affects multiplayer games. This is because a game using v50 on Quest 1 won’t support multiplayer with Quest 2 on a higher SDK. So it is very likely more will join this list in the weeks and months to come.

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Games Dropping Quest 1

  • Myst – Support freeze 1st October 2023
    • Developer Cyan announced recently the Myst Quest 1 exodus would take place by October 2023. This should be a freeze, so Myst will still be playable, it won’t get any more updates.
  • Zenith: The Lost City – Closing 15th September 2023
    • As an MMORPG, Zenith: The Lost City needs to support all players across all devices. So developer Ramen VR has taken the step to close the game to Quest 1 owners from 15th September.
  • Synth Riders – Support freeze 1st November 2023
    • Because of the reasons listed above, Kluge Interactive will freeze support for the rhythm action game Synth Riders towards the end of the year. However, there is one final bonus. The Remastered Edition of Synth Riders which improves the performance, functionality and visual fidelity will be released for Quest 1 as well!
  • Pavlov Shack – Ended
    • Solo developer davevillz ended Pavlov Shack’s Quest 1 support in 2022 due to “performance regression/issues on the new engine”.
  • Population: One – Ended
  • Onward – Closing 31st July 2023
    • One of XR Source’s best VR shooters, Downpour Interactive revealed that Onward would be ending support from 31st July 2023.

And that’s the lot so far. XR Source will be updating this list as and when more VR studios reveal a support freeze. Do you still own and use a Quest 1? Let us know in the comments below.