Synth Riders Step Into Mixed Reality on Meta Quest Soon

Meta Quest 3 officially launches tomorrow and with it a new era of mixed reality (MR) gaming. Some developers are upgrading current projects with better graphics, whilst others are adding MR components. One of the latest studios to do so is Kluge Interactive, teasing mixed reality support for its popular rhythm-action game Synth Riders.

In a recent posting on X (formerly Twitter), the team released a short 20-second trailer showcasing how Synth Riders would work in mixed reality. As you can see, this seems to involve a portal opening up on a wall. Out of which come the regular selection of Synth Riders balls, blocks and other paraphernalia. This means, of course, you are able to play all your favourite tracks whilst still being able to see the real world.

A new reality for Synth Riders

Like a lot of these mixed reality update videos, this was most likely shot on a Meta Quest Pro. The mixed reality update will support Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets, although it’s likely geared towards Meta Quest 3 due to its full-colour passthrough and depth sensor.

Currently, Kluge Interactive has yet to confirm when the mixed reality update for Synth Riders will be released.

One of the most popular rhythm-action games across all VR headsets alongside rival Beat Saber, Synth Riders celebrated its 5th anniversary this year. Initially starting with mostly synthwave tracks, the game moved into EDM, electro swing, pop, rock, funk, ska, k-pop, and punk. Players now have 125 tracks to choose from, 68 of which are included with the base game and 57 are add-ons.

2023 also saw Kluge Interactive freeze support for the original Quest 1 and Oculus Rift. Both remain playable. However, they simply won’t receive any further updates.

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