Dungeon Full Dive Brings D&D Adventures to VR This October

Tabletop board games work exceedingly well in VR, just look at games like Demeo, Catan VR and Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl. But none of the titles quite capture the fluidity and player experience of Dungeons & Dragons. That is where Dungeon Full Dive comes in, an upcoming title from TxK Gaming Studios.

Originally announced a couple of years ago, Dungeon Full Dive aims to replicate the D&D experience by giving players complete control over their adventures. There are no preset character classes or procedurally generated levels here. From the outset, players are able to create and customise their own heroes. An extensive map editor provides ample options to build entire tabletop worlds.

Dungeon Full Dive screenshot1

D&D Deep Dive

Just like a Dungeon Master creates the theme, lore and world into which players embark, much is the same here. Build custom campaigns with eight players supported. And because Dungeon Full Dive provides crossplay support, VR and flatscreen PC players can team up together.

Players have the option to import their character sheets, plus Dungeon Full Dive also includes the game mechanics and stats integration of DnD 5e. If you’d prefer a more D&D-lite version of the game, without all the heavy creation process you can. There are pre-built worlds, characters and campaigns to get you started.

Catering to both VR and non-VR players, the game supports various perspectives. Go for the more traditional top-down viewpoint or go fully immersive, controlling your character in first-person mode.

If you enjoy Steam’s regular Next Fest events then you may have already played the game earlier this summer. You’ll have another chance in a couple of weeks, with a demo available during Steam Next Fest on 9th October.

Dungeon Full Dive will officially launch via Steam Early Access on 23rd October 2023. TxK Gaming Studios notes on its website that it’s also planning native Meta Quest support. But that won’t happen until after the full release takes place.

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