Ghost Giant Creators Are Building a Claymation-Based VR Game

When you think of VR game development, the inclusion of claymation rarely, if ever, factors into it. Yet that’s exactly the path new studio MoonHood is taking with its first project. Formed by the creators behind Ghost Giant (2019) and Lost in Random (2021), this new game will be published with the help of Fast Travel Games.

MoonHood was founded by Klaus Lyngeled and Olov Redmalm, and the duo have been keen to employ the art of claymation. More commonly used by companies like Aardman Animations to make the Wallace & Gromit movies, claymation is a notoriously slow process. But it also gives a unique feel and visual style achieved nowhere else.

Ghost Giant Creators - MoonHood

VR in clay

To bring this project to life, MoonHood has hired a team of sculptors and miniature painters to build fantastical characters. These will then be scanned and turned into 3D animated models.

“Together with a team of not only programmers and designers, but traditional clay sculptors too, we aim to transport players into mysterious worlds – meticulously handcrafted in clay, cardboard, and what-have-you – for a wonderfully dark and dreamlike experience for consoles, PC, and even VR,” notes MoonHood’s website.

As for the game itself, the studio is keeping those details a closely guarded secret for now. All it has said for now is: “expect a dark yet heartwarming tale with innovative gameplay mechanics, and breathtaking landscapes filled with equally nightmarish creatures.”

Considering these are the creators behind the wonderful Ghost Giant, we’d expect nothing less. Released for PSVR and Quest headsets, you play the titular ‘Ghost Giant’, a protector of a lonely little boy Louis. The world is a gorgeously miniature diorama, with puzzles to solve by lifting the roofs of houses (or entirely rotating them!) whilst the story unfolds.

Fast Travel Games is a VR-specialist developer and publisher. It’s known for games like EVERSLAUGHT Invasion, We Are One, Broken Edge and Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game. Upcoming titles include Mannequin and Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice.

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