Pistol Whip Free DLC Coming Next Month

Cloudhead Games has revealed the release date for the next free DLC for their award-winning Pistol Whip. The Elixir of Madness! collection consists of three all-new Scenes, with the first becoming available via free update on 5th October, 2023. 

Elixir of Madness! will mark Pistol Whip‘s 13th content update, all of which have been free. According to Cloudhead Games, the number is a fitting milestone, as the collection is set to inject a dose of ‘ghastly delight’ with three all-new Scenes for players to battle through. 

Inspired by vintage horror cinema and seedy absinthe speakeasies, the new Scenes each feature a unique electroswing track. They will carry players on a journey through haunted abodes, nightmarish laboratories, and even their own minds.

Pistol Whip screenshot

Pistol Whip Free DLC – Elixir of Madness!

The first new Scene, soundtracked by Odd Chap jive “Halloween Party,” will arrive on 5th October, 2023. The second and third Scenes will arrive on 12th and 19th October, respectively.

Three new weapons will be added to players’ arsenal: the Sawed-off Shotgun, the Tommy Gun, and the Skull Bludgeon. The game will also receive three new modifiers:

  • An oft-requested Laser Pointer, which adds a laser sight to player weapons for increased accuracy.
  • Glitch, an added challenge that forces players to think twice before they shoot.
  • Bullet Graze, which rewards players for dodging bullets by the hair of their chins.

“Even though we just wrapped up the bombastic Overdrive Season, our team is still dedicated to finding new ways to surprise and excite our players,” said Tyler McCulloch, Game Director at Cloudhead Games. “We’re looking forward to seeing how the community reacts to Elixir’s electroswing weirdness—especially our modders, as this update will also bring a hoard of new assets to the Pistol Mix modding tool. Enjoy!”

Pistol Whip’s next content collection, Elixir of Madness!, will be debut on 5th October, 2023. As stated above, this latest Pistol Whip DLC will be a free update on Meta Quest 2, PSVR 2, Pico, and SteamVR. Sadly, Meta Quest 1 is no longer supported.

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