Pistol Whip Quest 1 Support to End

Continuing XR Source’s coverage of VR developers ending their support for the original Meta Quest, Pistol Whip joins the ranks. In a statement this week, Cloudhead Games confirmed that Pistol Whip Quest 1 support is coming to an end in the next couple of months.

Just like several other games during the course of 2023, the studio cites Meta’s new v51 SDK as the main reason. “We are officially sunsetting support for Pistol Whip on the Meta (Oculus) Quest 1 headset,” writes Cloudhead Games. “Being a small independent team means it’s important for us to balance support of earlier generations of hardware with implementing the exciting features of current and next generations. For Cloudhead, closing the book on Meta Quest 1 will pave the way for future innovations for Pistol Whip, and beyond.”

Pistol Whip Quest 1

Pistol Whip Quest 1 isn’t completely dead

If you do still happen to play Pistol Whip on an original Quest there’s no immediate need to fret. You still own the game and can continue enjoying the awesome rhythm action gameplay. The announcement means that once the current season is over, there will be no future updates for the Quest 1 version.

“Content updates up to and including our current Overdrive Season will remain available to you,” states the studio. “Once the Overdrive Season concludes in September, no more updates will be pushed to the game on Quest 1.”

However, this does mean online portions of the game are likely to break when new Quest 2 content is released. “Please note that while live services such as leaderboards and Contracts will remain available, future required updates to software may impact their functionality.”

Pistol Whip adds its name to a growing roster of games dropping Quest 1 support. These include Walkabout Mini Golf, Zenith: The Last City and Myst joining the Quest 1 exodus.

Meta Quest 2 superseded the original model quite quickly, so it’s unlikely these games’ sunsetting support will affect many gamers.

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