Synth Riders Ends Support for Oculus Rift

It isn’t often you see an Oculus Rift announcement occur, and when it does it’s not positive. And that’s the case with Kluge Interactive’s last update for the rhythm-action game Synth Riders. The studio has revealed that support for Synth Riders on Oculus Rift has now ended.

The statement is quite sudden considering it was released the same day support was sunsetted. “After careful consideration and evaluation, we have made the difficult decision to sunset further development of Synth Riders on the Oculus Rift Store, effective September 18th, 2023,” says Kluge.

“First and foremost, we want to thank you for playing Synth Riders, and assure you that the game will remain playable on the Oculus Rift platform, along with all previously purchased DLC. Your immersive journey will continue without interruption. However, it’s important to note that the Oculus Rift store version of the game will not receive new DLC or future updates after this date.”

Synth Riders image

A Synth Sunset

Whilst Oculus Rift owners will still be able to play Rift Store version, like other games that have suffered the same fate multiplayer will eventually be affected. As Kluge Interactive updates the Quest and PCVR editions – with new content as well as Meta and SteamVR SDKs – the multiplayer will no longer offer cross-play functionality.

However, Kluge is offering a handy solution. “If you have purchased Synth Riders on the Oculus Rift Store before September 18th and would like to continue playing via Steam, please send us an email to with your proof-of-purchase.” You’ll then be able to continue playing via Steam just like before. Submissions must be made by 18th October 2023.

If you no longer use your Rift because you’ve moved onto Quest 2 or Quest Pro, there’s no change. Synth Riders supports cross-buy functionality.

Additionally, Synth Riders will also be freezing support for Quest 1 in November.

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