Space Dragon Roadmap Includes Quest 3 Mixed Reality Mode

Meta’s next mixed-reality headset isn’t far away with developers already planning their Quest 3 upgrades. The latest to announce new details is 3lb Games for its bullet-hell shooter Space Dragon. With the release of a Space Dragon roadmap, the studio will launch a mixed-reality update to support all Meta Quest headsets.

The update is geared towards maximizing the full-colour passthrough capability of the Meta Quest 3 and Quest Pro. It will allow players to experience the entire single-player campaign in mixed reality. Or they can swap between VR and MR however they choose. The update is slated to arrive this Autumn.

Space Dragon Roadmap

Space Dragon roadmap continued

In addition to the MR mode update, 3Lb Games has confirmed two new arcade modes are in the works. Focused on retro arcade gaming and leveraging spatial anchors, the gameplay modes allow players to play Space Dragon standing with no movement for maximum player comfort.

  • Asteroid Blaster – “An updated take on the 1980’s arcade classic hit. Blast your way through endless waves of asteroids, enemy ships, and space creatures to protect your dragons!”
  • Galactic Assault – “Enjoy galactic engagement with some classic Galaga vibes as the AI ships are invading your room via portals spawned on your walls using spatial anchors. Watch out for those Kraken tentacles!”

In this bullet-hell shooter players control two freshly hatched space dragons who love nothing more than destroying stuff. With one attached to each controller, players can roam the galaxy blasting evil robotic armadas and more.

Space Dragon originally arrive for PCVR headsets on Steam in 2017. 3Lb Games then brought the game to Quest’s App Lab in 2022, opening up the potential of mixed reality gameplay. Currently listed for $10.99 USD as an introductory offer, the price will rise to $14.99 upon the official launch.

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