Sign Up for Alvo PSVR 2 Beta Testing Now

The competitive military shooter Alvo has been available for PlayStation for a couple of years now. Developer Mardonpol expanded support to Quest 2 and Pico headsets last year, whilst confirming PSVR 2 and SteamVR ports were being worked on. This week the studio has released an exciting update for both platforms, noting that the launch isn’t too far away. And where PlayStation owners are concerned, you can sign up now for the Alvo PSVR 2 beta test.

Making the announcement on Discord, the Alvo team have said they’re looking to release the game for PSVR 2 during August or September. There’s no exact launch date just yet. However, for a chance to be part of the Alvo PSVR 2 beta, you’ll need to fill out this form. Drop your details in and don’t forget to agree to the NDA.

Alvo screenshot

Alvo for all

Where the SteamVR edition is concerned, Mardonpol says Alvo will arrive shortly after. Again, no dates but there will also be a SteamVR beta test in the near future. Alvo’s Steam page is now live so you can wishlist the game now.

Both the PSVR 2 and Steam editions will retail for $19.99 USD. Additionally, the studio notes: “Working with Sony for anyone that owns Alvo on PSVR1 to have a $5 upgrade fee.” So no free upgrade like some other games but at least it’ll still be cheap.

If you’ve not played Alvo before, it emulates popular FPS games like Call of Duty. A purely online multiplayer, Alvo is built around fast-paced realistic combat. It has a huge array of gameplay modes available, including co-op Zombies, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint and Search & Destroy.

As players progress and level up, they’ll gain access to more and more equipment. Killstreaks, perks and weapons provide a vast array of strategic choices for players, whether they’re working together or against each other.

Alongside Alvo, two more games have been confirmed for PSVR 2. Ven VR Adventure and The Room VR are both on their way to the headset.

Are you already an Alvo fan? Or are you waiting for one of these two new additions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.