Escape Simulator VR Coming this Summer

Pine Studios recently announced that the popular Escape Simulator is coming to VR. Now, with the reveal of a new roadmap, the studio has confirmed that it will be arriving sooner rather than later. PC VR and Meta Quest gamers will be able to enjoy Escape Simulator VR this summer.

Escape Simulator VR is an escape room game you can play solo or in an online co-op with up to eight players. Following the unprecedented success of the original version, Escape Simulator VR has been rebuilt from the ground up to be a comfortable and highly immersive VR experience. Players can pick up and examine everything. Break objects, solve locks, and decipher puzzles to escape.

What’s more, after finishing the main game players explore 3000+ rooms built by the community.

As stated above, the game is playable in co-op with up to eight players with full voice support. You’ll also be able to play with players who have the non-VR version.

Escape Simulator Roadmap

With the new Treasure Island Update for the original game, Pine Studio has added another free new room to Escape Simulator. This is part of the developer’s roadmap, which they disclosed earlier this month alongside the announcement that the co-op puzzle game is officially coming to VR.

The Treasure Island Update is part of Escape Simulator’s roadmap and is one of the two free new rooms that players can expect to see this summer. See below for the latest depiction of the Escape Simulator 2023 roadmap:

Escape Simulator Roadmap 2023

While no specific date has yet been revealed for Escape Simulator VR, the official Steam page for the game reveals some interesting tidbits. Namely, the compatible headsets:

Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, HTC Vive, Steam Index, and more…”

Are you planning to jump into Escape Room shenanigans on Meta Quest 2? Or might you wait for a Meta Quest 3 release? Let us know in the comments below!