Meta Quest 3 Won’t Abandon PC VR Gaming Just Yet

When Meta – formerly Facebook – first entered the VR market by acquiring Oculus, the focus was on PC gaming. Oculus Rift/Rift S were the main products until the first Quest model arrived. Since then, Meta’s focus has shifted to entirely standalone VR, whilst still offering PC compatibility via Quest Link and Air Link. While it may seem that PC VR gaming is a side note, the upcoming Meta Quest 3 will continue to support the feature.

In a new report, Meta confirmed to Road to VR that Meta Quest 3 would still support the cabled Quest Link and wireless Air Link. It may not seem a big deal if you’ve not got a VR-capable PC but there’s a wealth of content available if you do.

Half-Life: Alyx - Steam Spring Sale

Keeping PC VR gaming alive

The Quest Store catalogue might run to over 500 apps but there are even more on Steam or the Oculus Rift section of Meta’s online store. Standout titles like Half-Life: Alyx or Microsoft Flight Simulator can only be played via PC. Plus platforms like Steam and its Early Access service give developers a far more visible way to reach gamers. App Lab, on the other hand, is far harder to navigate unless you use a third-party service like SideQuest.

Similarly, without Quest Link or Air Link compatibility, Rift classics like Stormland or Asgard’s Wrath would become unreachable. Consined to the VR history books.

Additionally, if you follow Steam’s monthly Hardware & Software Surveys each month you’ll know that Quest 2 is the most popular headset. In May, 44.05% of users were recorded with Quest 2’s. The next highest was the Valve Index coming way behind at 17.83%. Dedicated PC VR headsets just don’t have the same reach as Meta’s Quest platform.

The recent Quest 3 announcement ahead of the Quest Gaming Showcase came as a surprise. Confirming an Autumn 2023 launch and a price of $499, the mixed reality-focused device will sit between the Quest 2 and Quest Pro in terms of price.

What do you think of the Quest 3? Are you glad that it’s still PC compatible? Let us know in the comments below.