PSVR 2 Trophies: Humanity

Enhance Games’ latest project Humanity has finally arrived for PlayStation and PC. And because Humanity is a PS5 game it also comes with optional PSVR 2 support. If you’ve watched all the Humanity gameplay and now want to up that trophy count, here are all 46 PSVR 2 trophies for Humanity on your PlayStation 5.

Humanity Game PS5 image4

Humanity Trophies


  • Up, Up, and Away – Lead the people into the light
  • Goldy, Mine – Deliver a Goldy into the light
  • Prologue: In the Books – Complete the prologue
  • Scenic Route – Complete an optional trial
  • Awakening: Put to Bed – Complete Sequence 1: Awakening
  • Choice: Made – Complete Sequence 2: Choice
  • Black & Blue – Defeat the Blue Core
  • Fate: Sealed – Complete Sequence 3: Fate
  • Competition: Bested – Complete Sequence 4: Competition
  • Green-Eyed Monster – Defeat the Green Core
  • War: Won – Complete Sequence 5: War
  • Dependence: Broken – Complete Sequence 6: Dependence
  • Yellow Mellowed – Defeat the Yellow Core
  • Civilization: Conquered – Complete Sequence 7: Civilization
  • Goldy Star: Prologue – Collect all the Goldy in the Prologue
  • Reformer – Cause the people to take on a new form
  • No Longer Human? – Cause the people to take on a truly astonishing form
  • Try, Try Again – Retry the same trial five times while keeping your placed commands
  • Safety First – Get squished by a block
  • Fire at Will – Issue the people with firearms
  • Walking the Human – Have a single human follow you using the FOLLOW command
  • Follow the Leader – Have 1,000 humans follow you at once using the FOLLOW command
  • Significant Others – Defeat 100,000 Others
  • Leader of the Pack – Lead 50,000 people into the light
  • Oh, The Humanity – Cause 50,000 humans to perish
  • Archive Digger – Access the Archives
  • Playing God – Visit the Archives and give the people a new model and skin
  • By the Numbers – View all Stats
  • First Wonder – Complete Sequence 1: Trial 02-A THREE TOWERS with all Goldy, while using only two switches
  • Second Wonder – Complete Sequence 2: Trial 04-A DROP BOX without a single person perishing
  • Third Wonder – Complete Sequence 3: Trial 05-A MISSING LINK without using one of the branching commands
  • Fourth Wonder – Complete Sequence 4: Trial 08 THE LAST STRAW without a single person perishing
  • Fifth Wonder – Complete Sequence 5: Trial 04 HILL TO DIE ON after destroying all the Others’ gates
  • Sixth Wonder – Lead every single person to the light in Sequence 6: Trial 03-B GRID RUNNER
  • Seventh Wonder – Complete Sequence 7: Trial 08 CENTRAL PROCESSING without retrying and keeping your placed commands.


  • Goldy Star: Awakening – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 1: Awakening
  • Goldy Star: Choice – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 2: Choice
  • Goldy Star: Fate – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 3: Fate
  • Goldy Star: Competition – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 4: Competition
  • Goldy Star: War – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 5: War
  • Goldy Star: Dependence – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 6: Dependence
  • Goldy Star: Civilization – Collect all the Goldy in Sequence 7: Civilization


  • Red is Dead – Defeat the Red Core
  • Goldy Star – Collect all the Goldy
  • Wonderdog – Assemble the Seven Wonders of Humanity


  • Who’s a Good Boy? – Earn all other trophies

And there you go, that’s all the PSVR 2 trophies for Humanity. Afterwards, once you’ve completed all of them, you might want to check out all the other PSVR 2 trophies available for the PlayStation VR 2 launch games. Or maybe take a look at XR Source’s Best PSVR 2 Tips & Tricks and how to Extend PSVR 2’s Controller Battery Life?