Into the Radius Sequel in Development

When it comes to atmospheric, post-apocalyptic first-person shooters (FPS) in VR, CM Games’ Into the Radius has you covered. Originally a PC VR title in 2020 before coming to Meta Quest 2 in 2022, the studio has confirmed that an Into the Radius sequel is in the works. This is in addition to two more planned updates for the original game.

In an update on the Into the Radius Steam page, CM Games said that the sequel is: “in the pre-production phase, and will follow an Early Access development model like before when the time is right.” While nothing has been detailed so far, the team is listening to community feedback. “Many of your suggestions and ideas have been taken into account even in this new installment”, the studio notes.

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Don’t expect any reveals regarding the sequel just yet. CM Games says: “It’s far too early to answer any questions about the sequel just yet. When the time is right, we will publish an FAQ, so please be patient and stay tuned for more news on the horizon.”

Into the Radius Updates

As for what’s to come with the current game, CM Games plans to release updates 2.7 and 2.8 “which will mark an official end of development for the game” it notes.

The 2.7 update will refine Into the Radius’ story whilst adding collectables and various technical improvements. Whilst 2.8 will add PC VR mod support. “We aren’t ruling out the possibility of mod support for the MQ2 version as well,” the team add. Although nothing will be confirmed until later this year.

As an added bonus, CM Games also put to bed a rumour about DLC. “There won’t be any paid playable DLC as some explorers have speculated.”

Have you tried post-apocalyptic shooter, it was one of XR Source’s Best Meta Quest 2 Games of 2022. Looking forward to the Into the Radius sequel? Let us know in the comments below.