10 Best Meta Quest 2 Games of 2022 

Last year was a bit lacklustre for the virtual reality (VR) industry. It may not have been filled with huge video game launches, however, there were some choice gaming experiences to be had. If you’re new to the platform or simply looking for what to play next, here are (in our opinion) the best Meta Quest 2 games from 2022. 

We’ve selected titles from a variety of genres, which should tailor to most players’ tastes.  

Moss: Book II 

Let us start with the first of several big VR sequels that arrived with great fanfare. Polyarc launched the original Moss back in 2018, featuring adorable mouse Quill as the main protagonist. She must save her land and Uncle from an ancient evil ravaging her world. You do this by fighting monsters and solving environmental puzzles along the way. Moss: Book II continues the story whilst expanding upon the gameplay. There are bigger areas to explore, more complex puzzles and grander bosses to fight.  

Don’t worry if you’ve not played the first, as Moss: Book II fills in those details. It’s also ideal for novice VR players because there’s no physical locomotion involved. Play and enjoy this fantasy world entirely seated. 

Moss Book II - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners: Chapter 2 

The next big VR sequel of 2022 was Skydance Interactive’s The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners: Chapter 2. Taking zombie horror to new heights, Chapter 2 once again puts you in the shoes of The Tourist, having to survive both the living and dead in New Orleans. You’ll encounter new characters to help, new weapons and gear to find and craft, plus brand-new locations to explore.  

Naturally, you’ll still have to choose between blasting zombies with guns or taking the silent approach by tactfully using knives. This time around you’ll also be able to explore at night. Darkness means more danger; however, it also means greater loot opportunities should the chance arise.  

The Walking Dead CH2 - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Among Us VR 

What multiplayer video games came out last year? Plenty. A trio of VR studios brought the ever-popular imposter title Among Us to Quest 2, this time fully immersing players in the deceptive experience. A party game for 4-10 players, Among Us VR, takes place on a spaceship which you and the rest of the crew must maintain. The only problem, one or more of your crew are imposters, intent on killing everyone onboard.  

You’ll need to complete tasks, hold meetings and vent suspected imposters to complete the objectives. Or make sure nobody finds out you’re a knife-wielding maniac by fooling them all! 

Among Us VR - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Les Mills Bodycombat 

Games are fun and all but what about throwing in a workout now and then? That’s where Les Mills Bodycombat comes in. Mixing martial arts with fitness routines, this app has an extensive workout portfolio of 45 routines. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a light 10-minute session or a more advanced half-hour workout, there’s something for everyone. 

Les Mills Bodycombat will have you punching, squatting, ducking, and moving your whole body to the beat. And don’t forget to utilise Oculus Move to further track your fitness goals.  

Les Mills Bodycombat - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

The Last Clockwinder 

Time to activate that grey matter with the innovative puzzler The Last Clockwinder. This narrative-driven puzzle title is all about fixing a mysterious tree called the Clocktower. To do so, you need to grow, harvest, and combine seeds. However, you can’t do this alone. You must create clones of yourself to carry out individual tasks, building these up one by one until they create a singular harmonious system.  

While you can put together a basic setup, the mechanics allow for infinite fine-tuning to maximise your clone workforce. The smaller number of automatons you use the greater the rewards. 

The Last Clockwinder - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Red Matter 2 

Well, look what we have here, another sequel! Some sequels don’t always do the originals justice, but Red Matter 2 is a shining example of when they do. A stunning experience set in space, Red Matter 2’s narrative takes place during a dystopian Cold War, where one faction has developed reality-bending technology that could have grave consequences for humanity.  

Sent to uncover these secrets, most of the gameplay revolves around solving environmental, physics, and logic-based puzzles, utilising a jet pack and zero-g environments along the way. This sequel also introduces a new mechanic, combat, adding short action sequences to mix the gameplay up.  

Red Matter 2 - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate 

Coming all the way from Japanese team MyDearest Inc. is DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate, a narrative-heavy split across three episodes. Tasking you with solving a seemingly impossible murder case, DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate mixes together puzzles and rich dialogue to create an engrossing VR experience. 

If you’re a fan of Japanese games, you’ll be no stranger to the way the developers intertwine the various mechanics. You’ll need to hunt for clues, rewind time to alter the past and finally once you have enough information, reenact the crime to reveal all. 

DYSCHRONIA - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Into the Radius 

Looking for something with a sci-fi edge that mixes horror, exploration and guns? Well, Into the Radius should fit that bill quite nicely. Somehow developer CM Games managed to squeeze this PC VR title onto Meta Quest 2, a big atmospheric open-world game where survival is key. Certainly not one for VR newbies, veterans will find a complex, survival experience that will challenge them at every turn. 

A freak incident has occurred and turned a huge area into a desolate wasteland filled with dangerous anomalies and strange artefacts. You need to bravely head out, hunt for new gear, utilise realistic weapons and hopefully make it back out in one piece. 

Into the Radius - Best Meta Quest 2 Games


After building the experimental physics VR adventure BONEWORKS for PC VR, developer Stress Level Zero then brought those same mechanics to Quest 2 with BONELAB. Physics is key in this game, ensuring every action, every item behaves as realistically as possible. Whether that is swinging a bat with simulated weight, a gun with manual reloads or trying to clamber over the environment. BONELAB makes you think about how you can interact with the virtual world. 

All of this is just the basis for BONELABS’ gameplay. There’s a compelling narrative to discover, experimental modes to play in and even user-generated content to enjoy. If you’re looking for realism in VR, this is it.  

BONELAB - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

Marvel’s Iron Man VR 

When it comes to movie franchises it doesn’t get much bigger than Marvel at the moment. And which superhero leads from the front, it is Iron Man, of course. Originally a PlayStation VR exclusive, Camouflaj finally brought Iron Man VR to Quest, allowing players to suit up in the iconic armour.  

Having to save the world from a mysterious villain called Ghost, this is an action-packed VR experience from start to finish. Unlock new components for your armour, meet with characters like Pepper Potts and Nick Fury, and fly around to your heart’s content. The biggest draw here is being able to fly like Iron Man in the films and this is the most accurate depiction yet in a video game. Nothing else comes close.  

Iron Man VR - Best Meta Quest 2 Games

What did you think of our best Meta Quest 2 games selection? Agree, disagree? Let us know in the comments below.