Humanity Trailer is as Weird and Funny as the Game

Take one look at Enhance Games and tha ltd’s upcoming puzzler Humanity and it’s easy to see how unusual it is. Evoking a classic Lemmings vibe, the game is all about saving humanity by leading hordes of people to safety. With so many people on screen at any one time, the PlayStation and PC-compatible title is quite striking. And as you can see from the latest Humanity trailer, it is every bit as fun as the game.

In Humanity, you play a glowing Shiba Inu dog, a guiding light to aid these lost souls in their time of need. The hordes follow this glowing pooch like sheep, but even so, helping them into the light is no easy task. The levels feature a vast array of trials to overcome, from water obstacles to get through to huge chasms to cross. And then there are all the traps and tricks to navigate or avoid.

Humanity Game PS5 image4

Humanity trailer

Videogame trailers can be a bit boring mostly, they’ll either tease a project but show very little or offer up some gameplay for eager fans. Occasionally, however, someone somewhere will put a bit more thought and effort into a trailer. And that’s exactly what you get here in the latest Humanity trailer from Enhance Games.

More of a triple trailer mashup over the <3 minute duration, each starts off like a Japanese infomercial. With a cute Shiba Inu taking the central role, the first mini-trailer introduces the game and the whole concept of leading humanity where it needs to go. The second instalment highlights the in-game editor. So once players are finished with the main campaign they can create their own levels, share them online with the community or try others.

The final mini-trailer is for the VR-compatible portion of the title. Playable as a flatscreen game on PlayStation 5, PS4 and PC, if you have a PSVR 2 or PC VR headset then you can play Humanity virtually. This will offer new ways to view levels, being able to peer in and around obstacles for a better look.

Check out the new Humanity trailer below. The game is set to launch on 16th May 2023.

Will you pick up Humanity as a PS5 game or maybe on PC? Let us know in the comments below.