Pavlov Becomes PSVR 2’s Most Popular Game

It has been almost two months since the launch of PlayStation VR 2! That’s given new owners chance to get acquainted with their new VR headset, its launch games and the power of modern virtual reality. We’re now also starting to see the first gaming trends on the headset, with Vankrupt Games’ tactical shooter Pavlov becoming a firm favourite among players.

The stats come from the PlayStation Store’s top download listings for March – so they don’t include physical sales. In February’s listings for top PSVR 2 downloads, Pavlov came in second in North America and Europe. In March, Pavlov overtook the previous leader Kayak VR to claim both #1 positions. PSVR 2 players are certainly enjoying the first-person shooter (FPS) as well as several others packing the top 10.

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Pavlov shoots for success

Pavlov is focused on team-based, multiplayer matches across a variety of gameplay modes. Whether it’s Search And Destroy, Deathmatch or King of the Hill, the FPS is tailored towards realistic gunplay and strategic assaults. Originally a PC VR title released in 2017, Vankrupt Games’ shooter has grown to become one of the most popular across all VR platforms, not just PSVR 2.

When you want a break from the 5vs5 team matches, you can practice your skills on the gun range. Improving both your aim and speed reloading. Or go offline and try your hand against bots instead. Of course, no military FPS seems to be complete nowadays without some sort of zombie mode.

Adding to the mode roster is TTT. In a similar vein to Among Us, the TTT mode is kind of like a murder mystery. In a lobby of 10, several players are chosen to be traitors, their task being to kill the rest. As players need to find the traitors before they all die, this helps showcase Pavlov’s social features like the in-game voice chat.

Hence why the videogame has become so popular with PSVR 2 owners. There’s plenty to do coupled with great mechanics. This is also why the game made XR Source’s best VR shooters list.

PS Store downloads

As for the rest of March’s PSVR 2 downloads, there’s been some movement. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution has appeared for the first time, #3 in Europe and #4 in the US & Canada. Pistol Whip continues to hold strong in the central charts and so does Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

However, Horizon Call of the Mountain has suffered the worst among the big VR launch titles, dropping into the bottom half of the top 10 for both regions. This could also be attributed to the game being part of the PSVR 2 bundle.

And still holding on is Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator, a 2016 game still managing to sell to this day!

Interestingly, Sony has now added an original PSVR section. While PSVR 2 promotion will be the main priority, there are still millions of PSVR owners out there. And as per usual, Beat Saber still remains number one.

Have you bought a PSVR 2 for your PlayStation 5? Which games did you buy first and are they in the top PSVR 2 downloads? Let us know in the comments below.