Top PSVR 2 Downloads Include Kayak VR & Pavlov

PSVR 2 owners have been able to enjoy the cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) headset for three weeks now. There’s a decent selection of PlayStation VR 2 launch games available and now we’re getting the first information regarding gamers’ buying habits. PlayStation Store’s top games for February have been released, with the top PSVR 2 downloads making their first appearance.

Across the US and Canada, Europe and Japan, one title came out decisively on top, Kayak VR: Mirage. A kayaking simulator by indie studio Better Than Life, the game is all about exploring gorgeous environments such as ice caves in Antarctica or Australian canyons. All while physically paddling your raft, a mechanic that works especially well to immerse players in the experience.

Top PSVR 2 Downloads - Kayak VR

At number two in the US/Canada and EU is the multiplayer shooter Pavlov. Originally released as a PC VR game in 2017, the tactical shooter has maintained its popularity with VR fans.

In at number two in Japan and number three elsewhere is PSVR 2’s big launch exclusive, Horizon Call of the Mountain. This saw a massive amount of coverage so it’s a bit of a surprise it didn’t hit the number 1 spot in at least one territory. However, that could be because Horizon Call of the Mountain also featured in a hardware bundle which these figures don’t account for.

Top PSVR 2 Downloads Feb 2023

US & CanadaEUJapan
1Kayak VR: MirageKayak VR: MirageKayak VR: Mirage
2PavlovPavlovHorizon Call of the Mountain
3Horizon Call of the MountainHorizon Call of the MountainThe Tale of Onogoro
4Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s EdgeStar Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s EdgeDyschronia: Chronos Alternate Episode I
5Pistol WhipMoss: Book IIAfter the Fall – Complete Edition
6Moss: Book IIPistol WhipMoss & Moss: Book II Bundle
7Swordsman VRJob SimulatorPuzzling Places
8Drums RockSwordsman VRStar Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge
9NFL PRO ERADrums RockDrums Rock
10The Light BrigadeAfter the FallJob Simulator

It is also worth noting that because PSVR 2 arrived on 22nd February, these PS Store figures are only for that final week. The March listing could be very different.

As expected, the era of Job Simulator’s dominance has come to an end. Effectively headlining the download charts for years without any movement, Owlchemy Labs’ 2016 VR game has been dethroned. Even the studio’s other titles, Cosmonious High and Vacation Simulator have failed to breach these listings.

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Have you bought a PSVR 2 for your PlayStation 5? Which games did you buy first and are they in the top PSVR 2 downloads? Let us know in the comments below.