Stealthy Shooter Espire 2 Gets a Huge Update

Released exclusively for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro in 2022, stealthy shooter Espire 2 has received continual updates over the past four months. The latest has dropped today, providing players with a huge selection of enhancements as well as the long-awaited Espire Ops missions.

Update 1.4 as it’s called includes a host of visual and quality-of-life improvements. These range from new parameters to make public matchmaking smoother, better aim assist, a main menu UI refresh and bug fixes.

Espire 2 screenshot4

As for the Espire Ops content, there are 13 brand-new missions to enjoy. These are split across three separate gameplay modes:

  • Sneaking Ops: Designed for players who love stealth, these four increasingly difficult missions require the player to get to the objective without raising any alarms. 
  • Take Down Ops: The ultimate panther challenge. In these five ops, the player is required to pacify all guards in the area silently. 
  •  Elimination Ops: For players who enjoy action, these four ops allow players to go loud and will need to clear the area no matter the cost.

The team notes that the Ops missions will add further narrative structure, set between the original title and Espire 2.

Digital Lode and Tripwire Presents have also updated Espire 2’s road map as the year progresses.

Espire 2 Public Roadmap Highlights Include:

  • Espire Ops: New single-player levels with weekly developer-set challenges
  • Public Co-Op: Find public co-op games with fellow operatives when your friends aren’t online
  • Co-Op Missions: More Co-op missions are in the works. In addition, players can expect a new hardcore difficulty setting for singleplayer and Co-Op Campaigns
  • New VR Platforms: Espire 2 is coming to new virtual reality platforms. We are in the early stages of development and will have more to announce in 2023
  • Skins: In response to this top request from players, Digital Lode will also introduce unlockable frame skins & weapon variants

Stealthy shooter Espire 2 is available for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro for £22.99 GBP. Let us know what you think of the title in the comments below.