How to Play Gorilla Tag in VR

Sometimes, on very rare occasions a videogame captures the imagination of the public. I’m not talking about some AAA, million-dollar marketing campaign-backed blockbuster. An indie title that prior to launch has received minimal coverage, yet inexplicably, manages to defy the odds and attract millions of players worldwide. Here’s how to play Gorilla Tag in VR.

What is Gorilla Tag you ask? It’s simple, you play tag, in VR, as gorillas. Yup, that is it. Purely an online multiplayer, Gorilla Tag in actuality has four gameplay modes, the standard 3-player tag, an Infection Mode for four or more players; The Hunt, which offers a target to chase and Paintbrawl, where teams go head-to-head in a paintball battle using slingshots.

Gorilla Tag’s other hook is its locomotion system. No joysticks or buttons are needed, just use your hands and arms to grab and jump from surface to surface. Furthermore, like any modern multiplayer, players have plenty of customisation options to make their gorillas unique. All of this combined has led to Gorilla Tag achieving a player base of 5 million.

How to play Gorilla Tag

How to Play Gorilla Tag in VR

So how do you play Gorilla Tag in VR. Easy, you either need one of Meta’s headsets or a PC VR one to use with Steam.

Meta Quest

Gorilla Tag is free on the Quest Store with in-app purchases.


Gorilla Tag retails for £16.75 on Steam.

Additionally, because the game runs natively on Quest if your PC specs can run any of the above headsets then you’ll have no issues.

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What do you think of Gorilla Tag? Love it or hate it, let us know.