AR Swordfights Come to ValoArena

Looking for something different to do with your mates? Valo Motion has launched a new augmented-reality multiplayer called Astro Blade for ValoArena, which might answer that question. Up to six players can engage in virtual AR swordfights, utilising their bodies and nothing else to win matches.

ValoArena is a mixed-reality indoor arena where players control virtual characters without headsets or controllers. In Astro Blade, players team up in twos, wielding futuristic laser swords, shields and spears to battle their friends head-to-head.

AR Swordfighting - Astro Blade - Valo-Arena1

Energetic multiplayer gaming for the kids

“We wanted to create a game for ValoArena that would introduce player-to-player interactions,” said Valo Motion in a statement. “In Astro Blade, other players’ actions directly influence what you need to do, whether it’s attacking past their guard or trying to evade their attacks. This sort of gameplay is highly social and therefore we feel it’s an excellent addition to ValoArena’s game offering.”

Aimed at 10-14 year-olds, Valo Motion does say the game can be played by anyone age 8 and upwards. This makes it great for parties and events because Astro Arena can’t be played solo.

“I have always been a huge fan of classic fighting video games and as a child used to pretend to be a fighting game character on the playground with my two brothers!” said Astro Blade’s Lead Designer Lauri Lehtonen. “We fought each other using random objects or even just make-believe weapons but in our imagination, we were fighting on an epic battleground! I’m really excited for this game release because Astro Blade brings these imagined fights into reality!”

Valo Motion locations can be found worldwide, but only some of them feature Valo Arena. You can use this interactive map to find the closest one to you.

The company’s other products include ValoJump, an immersive trampoline experience and ValoClimb. The latter has graphics projected onto a physical climbing wall to turn it into a videogame.

Have you tried Valo’s products? What do you think, will you be trying Astro Blade’s AR swordfights? Or do you prefer VR sword fighting like Swords of Gargantua? Let us know in the comment below.