Pull it Together as Fractured Sanity Breaks Free in March

Last month XR Source reported that United Games planned to release Fractured Sanity for Meta Quest 2 and PCVR headsets. The studio has now revealed when that’ll take place, with the survival horror hitting digital storefronts on 28th March.

Like any terrifying survival horror, Fractured Sanity’s plot involves a mad scientist and their experiments. In this case, you find yourself waking up in a mental asylum called the Triton Institute. Run by Dr. Matthew Simmons, the lovely doctor has been conducting experiments on how to break someone’s id, ego and superego apart. This has gone awry, and with no memory of how you got there the only option is to escape.

Fractured Sanity

To do so you’ll have to fight your way out, solving puzzles along the way. In doing so you’ll find out what really happened to you and the staff that have gone missing. 

“When we started this project, we knew it couldn’t be just another jumpscare-infested walking simulator – it had to have mechanics, immersion, atmosphere. That’s how it was with classic horror games we grew up with, so why not bring that to VR?” said United Games’ Gabriel Marques.

Fractured Reality will be available via App Lab for Meta Quest 2 and on Steam for PCVR headsets. If you do own the latter you can play Fractured Sanity demo right now. 

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