Fractured Sanity to Bring Survival Horror to Meta Quest’s App Lab 

Virtual reality (VR) horror games can be some of the most immersive and intense on any platform, by their sheer terrifying nature. That may put many players off but if you’re prepared for the ride, it can be exhilarating. The latest announced for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets is Fractured Sanity, mixing both survival and psychological horror. 

From Brazilian team United Games, Fractured Sanity places you in a mental asylum called the Triton Institute. Run by Dr. Matthew Simmons, he’s your classic amoral physician, conducting research on patients as he tries to break their id, ego and superego apart. Naturally, all the staff have gone AWOL so you need to escape. In doing so, encountering all sorts of horrors, other patients and puzzles en route.  

Fractured Sanity

Fractured gameplay

Fractured Sanity will feature a range of gameplay elements to keep the experience interesting, and most importantly, scary. The facility is filled with dark corridors and secrets, encouraging you to explore as much as possible. There will be plenty of physical interactions to keep you immersed, whether that’s solving puzzles or dealing with enemies. Combat will play a part, manually reloading weapons whilst ensuring you manage your ammo carefully. Can’t imagine an asylum is filled with bullets! 

“Ever since I was 14, when I first read an RPG Maker magazine, I’ve been dreaming of making games for a living,” said Gabriel Marques, founder of United Games. “Now, with our first release, I feel like I’ve taken the first big step towards that goal.” 

Currently, Fractured Sanity is earmarked for a release on Meta Quest’s App Lab and via Steam VR. United Games hasn’t set a date yet.  

“Two years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of developing games, it always seemed so hard and complex to me. Looking back on this process and releasing our first game might be the biggest accomplishment of my life so far,” said United Games co-developer Gustavo Longhi. 

Take a look at the first trailer below. Or, for those on PC VR, you can play a Fractured Sanity demo right now. 

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