CleanSheet Football Saves its PSVR 2 Launch for May

It’s very difficult to build an actual football (soccer) experience in VR unless you have foot trackers. Hence why developers tend to go with a goalkeeping experience instead. INCISIV Ltd launched CleanSheet Football for Meta Quest towards the end of 2023. This month, CleanSheet Football arrives for PSVR 2.

Cleansheet screenshot

CleanSheet Football on PSVR 2

INCISIV announced ther PSVR 2 launch on X this week, without going into too much detail. All the studio has confirmed is that the release will happen this month, with a confirmed date expected very soon. If you are a football fan looking to improve those goal-keeping skills, you can wishlist CleanSheet Football on the PlayStation Store now.

Furthermore, INCISIV has yet to reveal any unique differences between the two editions. Normally we’d expect uprated visuals on PSVR 2, some eye-tracked foveated rendering and more. Considering the headset’s in-built haptics, we’d be surprised if that feature wasn’t included.

Keeping a clean sheet

As a goalie, and as the name suggests, this is a VR experience all about *ahem* keeping a clean sheet, and not letting any goals in. For all you pro goalkeepers out there, you’ve got to ensure those footballers don’t hit their mark.

CleanSheet Football has a range of modes on offer starting with the Quickfire Mode. You have to block thousands of high-speed shots, competing against others on the global leaderboards. You can also set your own weekly fitness goals, and track how many calories you’ve burned while aiming for the top score.

Then there’s the Set Play Mode. This recreates real-life goals for you to try out, quite a unique feature. This mode can be expanded upon by unlocking additional packs for practising headers, volleys, free kicks, corners, or even nail-biting penalty saves.

Social football

CleanSheet doesn’t entirely focus on solo football either. There are two multiplayer modes; Target Clash and Goalie Wars. In Target Clash, challenge friends and other players in a territorial battle where you must catch and aim at wall-mounted targets. In Goalie Wars you take on the roles of both shooter and goalie. Try to outwit your opponent in a street soccer showdown.

Lastly, there’s the Locker Room. This stats hub gives you performance feedback, a place to display your trophies and the ability to unlock new gear.

Are you looking forward to CleanSheet Football on PSVR 2? What’s your favourite sports game? Let us know in the comments below.