Pistol Whip is Alive and Well With VOIDSLAYER Scenes

It’s been five years since Cloudhead Games released its most popular VR title, Pistol Whip. The rhythm-action shooter has been kept alive and kicking with regular updates in that time. After a roadmap was unveiled in 2023, fans won’t have long to wait until the next content drop. VOIDSLAYER will be the next collection to arrive for Pistol Whip, with three scenes landing in June.

Pistol Whip VOIDSLAYER screenshot


VOIDSLAYER will be a free collection of medieval fantasy-scapes with unstoppable power metal tracks. Featuring music from Bloodbound, Brothers of Metal, and Firewind, the collection will take players through ancient villages, cataclysmic battlefields, all the way to the edge of earth and sky.

“The best part of working on an evergreen game like Pistol Whip is that we just get to have fun with each update,” said Tyler McCulloch, Game Director at Cloudhead Games in a statement. “Just like our Elixir of Madness! Collection, we’re continuing to experiment with unexpected music genres. This update allows us to reach deep into our love for fantasy, and blend it perfectly with power metal ballads that celebrate those themes.”


There will be three scenes released during the course of June 2024. The first, Hero’s Dawn, will arrive in Arcade mode on 6th June. The second and third scenes will be available on 13 and 20 June, respectively. Details on those have yet to be divulged but all of them will feature new interactables, devilish new enemies, and swords n’ spells style weapons.

Furthermore, two new modifiers will arrive, Colour Match and Deflector. Colour Match forces players to think quickly, as their weapons will be colour-coordinated to enemies on the field. Only the shots from the matching coloured gun will hit. As for Deflector, this gives players the ability to send bullets ricocheting back at their foes.

What’s next at Cloudhead?

What does the future hold for Pistol Whip? At the moment VOIDSLAYER is the last confirmed update for the game. Cloudhead Games may continue to support the title but for how long is unknown. However, as confirmed back in March, the Pistol Whip studio is working on two unannounced projects with two separate internal teams.

They’re already in production but no details regarding what the titles could be have been shared at the moment.

The Pistol Whip VOIDSLAYER collection will be available as a free update on Meta Quest 2 and 3, PSVR 2, Pico, and Steam VR.

Do you love Pistol Whip five years on? What has been your favourite collection so far? Let us know in the comments below.