Cold VR is all About Acting Super Hot

2016’s SUPERHOT VR became an instant hit and is still regarded as worth playing today. Its mechanics were simple to grasp, stand still and so will the enemies. Now solo developer Carlos Alfonso – whose studio is called Allware – wants to take the exact opposite approach, with Cold VR.

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What is Cold VR?

As mentioned, SUPERHOT VR’s gameplay was a tactical take on enemy elimination. You had to plan your route by standing still because once you move so do the incoming bullets. Alfonso’s idea is to completely switch this up, forcing you to move constantly.

Stand still and the game activates, sending in an array of blue and purple-looking enemies. Keep moving and they’ll dramatically slow down – and so will the bullets – giving you time to reposition, dodge and attack. This certainly lends a more melee-focused approach to the combat – you have an array of short and long-range weapons – constantly diving forward into each engagement. Rather than standing still for a carefully aimed distance shot.

The Cold VR Story Gameplay

As AI dominates the tech scene, so it dominates the narratives of games. In Cold VR you’re fighting a corrupted AI using a mixture of swords, axes, guns and even your bare fists. Along the way, you’ll be aided by a friendly hacker who pops up in the cutscenes.

“The game is not for the faint-hearted,” says Alfonso. “It’s designed for those who crave a challenge and love the rush of adrenaline.”

Coming out from the Cold

Currently, Cold VR is listed on Steam for PCVR headsets only, with a launch planned for later this year. There’s also a free demo on the platform to give you a taste of the gameplay. Allware confirms that Meta Quest and PSVR 2 ports are planned for after the Steam launch. Plus a flatscreen version for PC and consoles.

Are you a SUPERHOT VR fan? Like the idea of its main mechanic being reversed? Let us know in the comments below.