Into the Radius 2 Early Access Begins This Summer

In 2023 CM Games confirmed that the development of a long-awaited sequel to Into the Radius was underway. It’s a dark survival shooter originally released for PCVR in 2020, followed by a Meta Quest edition in 2022. Now the team has given fans a new glimpse at the game. As well as confirming a launch for Into the Radius 2 early access on Steam.

Into The Radius 2 screenshot4

Early Access Teaser Trailer

CM Games has just released a new early access teaser trailer for Into the Radius 2 showcasing a beautiful yet deadly landscape. Early on we get to see how multiple weapon attachments will work, easily placing sights and other items. Just as before guns have been designed for realism, from reloading to respecing.

We also get to briefly see the inventory management and map system. Both of them look like they’ve had upgrades over the previous game. Best of all, we get to see the game in action – as Into the Radius 2 screenshots have only been shown up to this point.

The trailer also confirms that Into the Radius 2 early access will launch sometime this summer for PCVR. CM Games is planning an official launch in late 2025.

Into the Radius 2 Gameplay

Into the Radius was never too concerned with giving players an easy ride. The huge sprawling environments are desolate and filled with dangerous anomalies. As a single-player FPS, its gameplay was always a careful management of your limited inventory and equipment whilst pushing deeper into the Pechorsk zone.

This time around, it won’t be an entirely lonely experience. CM Games will be adding co-op multiplayer into the mix. This will allow up to four players to enter the Pechorsk anomaly, scavenging for resources and protecting one another from the monsters that lie within.

Into the Radius 2 Early Access

The sequel will follow a similar route to its predecessor, starting in early access to be refined over the course of a year or so. “Releasing the first installment of Into the Radius in Early Access was an incredibly positive experience for us. We received a ton of valuable feedback and suggestions from players, which played a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the game,” the studio explains.

For this summer’s rollout, you’ll be able to: “play the game solo or in a co-op mode with a friend. The game offers a substantial location to explore, various types of anomalies to encounter, a range of weapons to wield, and a collection of artifacts.” All of which will be expanded upon in the run-up to launch.

Are you an Into the Radius fan? Looking forward to joining friends in the Pechorsk zone? Let us know in the comments below!