This Sweet Sugar Mess to Stick Onto PSVR 2 in May

There aren’t as many family-friendly games in VR as you might think. Plugging that gap, the JollyCo team released VR FPS Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle for Meta Quest – via App Lab – last year. Soon it’ll be the turn of PSVR 2, with Sugar Mess confirmed for a May 2024 launch.

Sugar Mess screenshot

Don’t mess up that sugar

Having released the Jolly Battle series of mobile games, JollyCo then turned its hand to virtual reality. Creating a colourful, candy-filled world, this is an on-rails, VR wave shooter that journeys through Sugar Kingdom. Filled with pastry assailants, thrilling escapades, and whimsical minigames, the game aims to captivate both young audiences and adults alike.

The sweet gameplay has a story to savour too. Players will discover the fantastical saga of the Sugar Prince, his robotic companions Robbie and Robbo, and their struggle against the mysterious confectionery adversaries.

Sugar Mess Gameplay

The forthcoming PS5 release of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle features all of the game’s existing levels, enemy types and gameplay scenarios. Players have to deal with waves of invading desserts bursting into sugary bits upon impact, using an expansive collection of delicious weapons. These include a chocolate bar shotgun, an ice cream pistol, and a strawberry frosting machine gun. All of which increase in strength the further into the Sugar Kingdom players get.

It’s not all mindless candy blasting either. Solve puzzles, dance in rhythm games, perform on stage, and even hop on a ride around the Kingdom!

When is Sugar Mess on PSVR 2?

JollyCo hasn’t given a specific date in May for the release of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle for PSVR 2. However, the studio has confirmed that a brand-new demo for PlayStation fans will be available in April. If you happen to own a PCVR-supported headset there’s already a free demo on Steam.

Do you let your kids play VR games? Think they’ll enjoy a game like Sugar Mess? Let us know in the comments below.