Sugar Mess is a Family Friendly VR FPS

JollyCo, creators of the Jolly Battle series of mobile games and the forthcoming Anima Flux for consoles, has launched Sugar Mess on VR headsets. The game is an FPS, but in an unusual twist it’s been designed to be suitable for all ages. There ain’t no blood or demons in this game. Just sweet treats ripe for bullets.

Sugar Mess – or, Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle VR to give it it’s full and somewhat confusing name – offers a fairly standard FPS experience. In addition however, the game apes Until Dawn: Rush of Blood in also offering an on-rails gameplay mode. Here, players will ride in a vehicle hitting candy opponents with a variety of weapons.

The second gameplay mode was obviously included to ease any potential simulation sickness, allowing gamers new to VR to get stuck into the sugary mess alongside more experiences VR players. It’s actually a surprising and welcome addition to the game.

Sugar Mess VR GIF

Sugar Mess Gameplay

In Sugar Mess, the Sugar Kingdom is suddenly attacked by cakes. Playing as the Sugar Prince, and armed with an arsenal of sweet weapons, you must repel the attacks of opponents. Then your adventure truly begins; a journey through the kingdom to find out who dared to attack.

As you progress, you’ll learn the fairy tale of the Sugar Prince and his mysterious enemy in an interactive book. Every page will take you to a new colorful level with funny cake attackers. The player has a vast arsenal of weapons to take on these antagonists, each of which become more powerful as you use them. You can also use special items to gain an advantage over your opponents.

It’s not all about shooting, however. Along the way, other activities are waiting for you. Solve challenging puzzles, ride in a unique vehicle around the kingdom, feel the rhythm and take part in the rhythmic performance. Plus of course, there are a variety of mighty bosses to overcome.

Sugar Mess is now available for Meta Quest headsets, with PCVR, PlayStation VR and PSVR 2 editions also on the way. A demo version of Sugar Mess is now available via Steam. Are you looking for some family friendly VR fun? Let us know in the comments below!