Zenith: Nexus is Getting Frosty for Season 2

Ramen VR’s MMO Zenith has been through a transformation of late. Previously called Zenith: The Last City, you’ll now find it on the Meta Quest, Steam and PSVR 2 as Zenith: Nexus. Furthermore, it now has an F2P mode called Zenith: Infinite Realms to help boost player numbers. If you’ve been enjoying your time in Zenith: Nexus there’s more good news with its season 2 about to launch.

Titled Season 2: Frostrealm, this fresh batch of content for Infinite Realms has a new biome, a new boss, a new element for gesture magic, new cosmetics, and more. At present, Ramen VR hasn’t gone into detail regarding these new additions other than to release a short teaser trailer. As you’d expect, Frostrealm is an icy landscape full of snow-covered mountains and deep crevasses.

Season 2: Frostrealm is expected to arrive in the next few days, possibly as early as tomorrow. The studio’s current release window is between 28th March to 3rd April 2024.

Zenith: Nexus screenshot

Zenith: Nexus Season 2

Like any game that uses seasonal content, the arrival of Frostrealm signals the end of the current season. As Ramen VR details in a blog post, this means several things for Zenith: Nexus players.

  • Character Level and Skill Tree (and Accrued Skill Points) will reset.
  • Characters retain all Zen, Dust, and unlocked / purchased cosmetic items.
  • Previously acquired gear items will be automatically converted into dust.
  • For all “Unique” gear items acquired during the previous Season, characters will get to keep them as cosmetic items.
  • Characters will start with the default Starter Gear.
  • Characters that reached Level 10 or higher in the previous Season will gain a “Season Rank”, indicating how many past Seasons the character participated in. More details on this next week!
  • Characters will gain a “Season Level Prestige” indicating their character level in the previous season. In other words, each Character will get its own “Season Level Prestige”
    • Level 0-9 = Novice
    • Level 10 – 30 = Bronze
    • Level 31 – 50 = Silver
    • Level 51 – 75 = Gold
    • Level 76 – 99 = Diamond
    • Level 100 = Legendary

Zenith: Nexus is available for Meta Quest, PCVR headsets on Steam and PSVR 2.

Are you a fan of the VR MMO? Looking forward to season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.