Zenith: Infinite Realms Open Beta Has Begun

There aren’t many VR MMORPGs out there, with Ramen VR’s Zenith: The Last City one of the more notable ones. Unfortunately, that hasn’t helped with user numbers with the studio running at a loss. So the team has pivoted to a free-to-play model and a rebrand. Now called Zenith: Nexus, a new game mode called Infinite Realms has now arrived as an open beta.

The Zenith: Infinite Realms open beta launched over the weekend, adding a new central hub called the City Plaza. For newcomers, this is where you’ll discover vendors, upgrade stations, challenges, hangouts areas and, most importantly, new gameplay mechanics.

Find the NPC near the centre to get some guidance then venture into the Fractured Worlds. You’ll find these behind the Iron, Silver, and Pandowl gates, with Pandowl Gate content changing daily at 2:00 pm PT (10 pm GMT).

Zenith: Infinite Realms open beta screenshot

Zenith Open Beta

Even if you’re well acquainted with Zenith: The Last City, Infinite Realms has plenty to offer. There are revamped player abilities such as the Tempest Blades. With a flick of your wrist, these razor-sharp energy disks provide powerful strikes. You can also unlock fire and ice modifiers in the skill tree to increase their impact. Levelling up will also unlock more modifiers and gesture abilities.

Alongside these new abilities, you’ll be able to explore the Infinite Realms with some parkour abilities. Jump, rail grind, slide, and climb to your heart’s content.

As Zenith: Infinite Realms is an open beta which Ramen VR will continue to improve, expect some bugs along the way. When it comes to accessing the game, all Meta Quest and Rift users can join for free. Steam players, however, must own a copy of Zenith: The Last City to access the beta.

Have you tried the beta yet? Think it’ll improve the fortunes of Zenith? Let us know in the comments below.