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Undead Citadel is Looking for Meta Quest Beta Testers

Undead Citadel keyart

The action-packed, monster adventure Undead Citadel has been available for PCVR headsets on Steam for almost a year. Developer Dark Curry has plans to bring the game to Meta Quest. But before that can happen there’s some testing to do. With applications now open for the Undead Citadel closed beta.

Signing up for the closed beta test is easy. So long as you’ve got a Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 or Quest Pro of course! Head to the application page, agree to the terms and request to join, that’s it. “Your feedback is crucial in shaping Undead Citadel into the best possible experience,” says Dark Curry. “Please note that access won’t be immediate, but we’ll be gradually granting it over the next few days.”

Explore the Undead Citadel

Undead Citadel is a physics-driven adventure full of close and ranged medieval skirmishes. In the story mode, you play a weary knight who encounters the titular citadel. Inside you find the once-prosperous town infested with all manner of gruesome inhabitants. Utilising over 60 hand-to-hand combat weapons as well as bows, arrows and explosives, you can slash, stab, crush, shoot or dismember with your own hands the multitude of enemies.

Additionally, Undead Citadel features a Horde Mode where you try to survive the endless enemy hordes. Plus there’s an armory which collects all the weapons you acquire. Offering a sandbox environment, here you can practice and experiment.

At the moment, Dark Curry hasn’t specified a release window for Undead Citadel from Meta Quest headsets. As mentioned in 2023, the studio also plans on bringing the game to PSVR 2. Although that seems to be even further down the line.

Will you be signing up to beta test Undead Citadel? If you do, let us know what you think of the game in the comments.

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