Big Shots Stomps Onto Quest, PSVR 2 & PC Today

It seems that Japanese VR developer and publisher MyDearest Inc. has a soft spot for mech games. It signed up Ming Studio’s roguelike Mecha Force in 2023, followed by AlterEyes’ Big Shots last month. Now it’s time to put Big Shots to the test as it arrives today for most major VR headsets including PSVR 2.

Big Shots is a cross-platform action roguelike where you battle alien hordes from the safety of your mech. These aliens are invading Earth and you need to exterminate them, either solo or with a friend. If you chose to team up with a buddy, cross-platform play is supported across PSVR 2, Meta Quest and Steam. Providing versatile multiplayer gameplay.

BIG SHOTS screenshot

Mecha action awaits!

This being a roguelike, the gameplay revolves around completing runs. Each one helping to evolve your mech that little bit more. During the run you’ll be reward with upgrades that’ll boost your defence or improve your damage. They’ll be lost if you die, of course. However, you’ll be back at the hanger where you can purchase permanent enhancements from the shop.

With so much frantic action you might be wondering how these metallic giants move around so easily. “Take advantage of our innovative movement system to move around freely in a swift, immersive, and comfortable manner,” says the team. “No more standing in predefined positions or being restricted by teleportation, but unlimited mobility and opportunities at your disposal.” AlterEyes calls it ‘drag rotation’, but there’s also the more standard snapturn and smooth rotation if you prefer.

Big Shots is available today for PSVR 2, Meta Quest and PCVR headsets. A Pico edition is also in the works. Check out the most recent trailer here.

Has Big Shots been on your watch list since last year? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.