Metro 2033 Mechanics that Would Adapt Perfectly to VR

The Metro 2033 franchise is a dark, gritty, and highly atmospheric set of video games. Surviving the hostile tunnels of Moscow’s Metro system is no easy feat, scouring for resources and dealing with dangerous inhabitants. Which makes it perfect for a highly immersive (and scary) VR experience. We think that there are plenty of Metro 2033 mechanics that’ll fit rather well in Metro Awakening VR.

As you’re probably aware, Metro Awakening is in the hands of VR veterans Vertigo Games. The team behind titles including Arizona Sunshine 2 and After the Fall, they’re well-versed in gun-toting adventures. More to the point, Vertigo Games knows what kind of interactive elements work in VR, with Metro games offering key gameplay features. Some of these have already been shown in the launch trailer, and others we know are coming.

Metro Awakening Screenshot 2

Metro 2033 Mechanics Perfect for VR

So let’s start with the easiest one, guns. The Metro games are survival shooters, with players able to access a range of weapons from basic pistols to shotguns, machine guns and more. In flatscreen games, you reload at the touch of a button, but VR’s hallmark is manual reloading. Adding that extra sense of realism. So of course, Metro Awakening has to feature that mechanic, clearly shown in the trailer as the player cocks their silenced pistol.

As this isn’t a sci-fi series, most guns will have real-world loading mechanics. Pistols will need clips put in, whilst shotguns may require individual shells to be loaded. Either way, you’ll get well acquainted with your arsenal. Metro also features a selection of knives and grenades to utilise. Again, these items can provide excellent physical VR mechanics, lobbing a grenade into a group of mutants for example. Whereas knives

Another mechanic that we’ll see is that of the watch. Games like Wanderer utilise a player’s virtual watch for all manner of functions. Vertigo Games has already teased the watch, but in Metro titles telling the time is the least required function. Instead, it’ll show you vital information like how many minutes of oxygen you have left. While a blue LED indicator shows your visibility to enemies. The watch is a super handy tool, especially when holding a gun with both hands.

Time to mask up

One of the core mechanics in any Metro game is that of the mask and filters. The apocalyptic event that made the Earth’s surface unlivable means your mask is vital for survival. Even deep in the Metro. So being able to put on and take off your mask needs to happen in Metro Awakening VR. Not only that but the simple act of wiping away debris as if it were right in front of your face. This is an innocuous yet powerful mechanic that can build a sense of presence within VR. Hopefully, Vertigo Games will add some form of cracked mask element, highlighting repeated damage being taken. Further adding to the sense of claustrophobia.

Of course, let’s also not forget those filters. They are a vital component when traversing biohazardous areas so swapping a damaged filter when it becomes less efficient is second nature. Grabbing one from wherever your inventory might be quick – we’d expect from your hip – when in combat.

There is a multitude of other mechanics to also consider. Ensuring the torch works without suddenly dropping you into darkness. Or interacting with merchants to stock up on ammo. Plus we don’t know if crafting – found in Metro Exodus – will play a part. So there’s still plenty to discover.

Metro Awakening is coming to PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3, and PCVR headsets on Steam later this year.