Lawn Mowing Simulator VR Trims a Path onto Meta Quest Today

Nowadays you can make a videogame simulator out of any task or hobby – just look at PowerWash Simulator VR. If you’re looking to turn another chore into a virtual one then grab your Meta Quest! Because Skyhook Games’ Lawn Mowing Simulator VR is here to tackle that unkempt garden.

As you might expect from Lawn Mowing Simulator VR, you pop your bum on a lawnmower and casually ride around various gardens in the English countryside. Designed as a zen-like experience for all you lawn care aficionados, the flatscreen version has already seen plenty of success since its launch in 2021.

This being the VR edition, there are new features, content and gardens to explore.

Lawn Mowing Simulator VR Fleming-Manor

Lawn Mowing Simulator VR

For the VR edition, Skyhook Games has created six brand-new picturesque locations to mow. From quintessential English cottages to farms and country manors, there are plenty of idyllic environments to tend to. Starting in a garage which will serve as the headquarters of your lawn care business, you’ll fulfil contracts and work your way up the lawn care ladder.

As this is a simulator you’ll have control over every aspect of your business. Contract management, sharpening and reattaching mower blades, taking care of battery packs, repairing mowers, and practising your grass-cutting skills are just some of the activities. You can even take a breather and shoot some hoops.

You’ll have access to real-world licensed mower manufacturers, Stiga and Ego, as well as the Knight mower, designed exclusively for the game. Plus all of your progress can be tracked on your smartwatch.

Lawn Mowing Simulator VR is available today for Meta Quest headsets. Hopefully, you picked up the 10% pre-order discount that was available.

Have you been looking forward to riding the latest Stiga and Ego mowers in VR? Let us know your impressions in the comments below!