Anarchitects VR/MR Sandbox to Provide Limitless Multiplayer Creativity

Squido Studio – the team best known for No More Rainbows – has begun teasing its next project. Called Anarchitects, it’s described as a VR/MR sandbox where you and your friends can get together and build all sorts of wacky creations.

The studio says that Anarchitects will provide a “unique platform to build, play, and share without the complexities of coding.” It has been inspired by platforms like RecRoom and Roblox. But it also features “a physics-based drag-and-drop system reminiscent of Garry’s Mod.” There will also be “groundbreaking real-time multiplayer physics,” they claim.

Squido Studio wants to offer VR fans a platform with no boundaries. Where they can create, play, and share mini-games “with little to no loading times.” You could build intricate puzzles, a 0 gravity team shooter, board games, and much more.

Anarchitects Screenshot 2

Anarchitects mystery

Currently, there aren’t many more details to go on. Squido Studio has yet to confirm which platforms Anarchitects will support or when it’ll be released. There shouldn’t be too long to wait, however. The team is planning a major announcement for 15th March – during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) – with the first official trailer going live.

In other Squido news, the studio recently released its biggest update yet for No More Rainbows, ‘Molten Shores’. This features an all-new world filled with beachy, volcanic, and oceanic environments, a new multiplayer map and an exclusive skin for your character. Furthermore, the adventure platformer has seen 500,000 players become the Beast, across Meta Quest, Steam, and Pico devices. No More Rainbows will also get a PSVR 2 edition in Q2 2024.

All of this is thanks to Squido managing to secure $2.5 million of investment funding to fuel its VR/MR gaming mission.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of Anarchitects? Let us know your first impressions in the comments below.