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Don’t be Late for the Limited Time Among Us VR Event

Among Us VR Lights Out

Among Us VR has been entertaining players since 2022 but now Innersloth, Schell Games and Robot Teddy, have something new for fans. Instead of merely releasing a new update the teams are now running limited-time events. These add new game modes, roles and accessories. The first Among Us VR event has now arrived, called ‘Lights Out’.

The developer explains: “During these events, players will be able to hop into brand new gameplay experiences, ranging from new tasks and roles to game modes that change the rules of a match! Each event will revolve around a special “theme”.”

So as you can probably guess, in the ‘Lights Out’ event things are going to get a little murky. For this event all crewmembers become Engineers, utilising their expertise in vent navigation to quickly get around the entire map and finish tasks. Doing so will improve the lighting situation. Alternatively, if the imposters succeed then it’s definitely lights out for the crew.

Among Us VR Event

Furthermore, the event will also introduce a new accessory. For the first time, players will be able to purchase a fully-animated hat called Overscoped. It features an oscillating scope and a steampunk goggle aesthetic. And just like the event, its availability is limited in time.

The Light Out event is running now until 12th March 2024. So there’s plenty of time to jump in and test the new mode out.

Among Us VR is available for all major VR platforms including Meta Quest, PSVR 2, PCVR (Steam) and Pico. With crossplay between them all. It is a party game for 4 to 10 players. You’re all in a spaceship but one or more of the crew are Imposters. Their job is to kill the crew and sabotage the ship, all without getting caught!

Let us know what you think of the event in the comments below.

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